Manifesto for Digital Architecture


Innovation and ecosystems over industrialization and value chains

Service contracts and automation over technology standards and processes

Focus and refactoring over detailed architectural design



Our highest priority is to ensure the digital happiness of
the customer by creating beautiful solutions, being
transparent, and respecting customer values.

Because the customer knows best we involve her each
step of the way, iterating on fulfilling her needs with
constant feedback, being agile, and using automation.

We want to be a player in the customer's ecosystem of
value, collaborating with other players, in order to
maximize customer value.

We recognize that security measures are a trade-off
between risk and innovation speed, and the best way to
deal with this is to address security from the start.

Instead of trying to meet everyone's needs, creating
something that no one wants, we design a usable service
to support an actual need.

We support heterogeneity and interoperability, so
instead of standardization on technology, we focus on
creating clearly defined service contracts.

We know that we constantly have to refactor both the
way we think, work, and interact as well as the
architecture, technical solutions, and code.